Top Caravan Travel Destinations in Australia

Date Posted: May 27, 2020

Road leading into desert mountains

‘Top Australian caravan travel trips’ is a tough list to make. Why? There are literally thousands of amazing trips on the thousands of roads all over our stunning country. From The Great Ocean Road, The Nullarbor Plain and the Heritage Highway in Tasmania, we bring you some of the top Australian caravan travel ideas…

The Great Ocean Road – Victoria – 243km

the entrance to the great ocean road

We begin with this famous road, marked as one of the world’s greatest. The Great Ocean Road lives up to its hype with such landmarks as the 12 Apostles – rock formations off the dramatic coastline. Stop at Bells Beach to take in the scenery and, if you’re lucky enough to be there between June and October, you may even spot a whale. The wave-washed cliffs give way to other towns too such as Lorne and Apollo Bay.

The Great Tropical Drive – Queensland – 2080km

tropics view

You could spend months exploring the Great Tropical Drive. A caravanner’s dream. The journey follows parts of the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics Rainforest and Daintree Rainforest. Be careful when driving as you’re almost guaranteed to encounter wildlife of some sort. Voted by many as one of the best Australian caravan trips, make sure to plan your trip before going as it’s hard to see it all without a lot of time. Definitely one for the whole family with the outdoor activities available.

Adelaide Hills – South Australia – 85km (all towns)

hills view and coast

The Adelaide Hills attract people from all over the world. Think the famous Tour Down Under for example, or the Classic Adelaide Rally. It’s no wonder they too make the most of these stunning roads and scenic views. The roads contain a network of farm and orchid laden scenes along with premium wineries and restaurants. The rolling Adelaide Hills remind visitors of Ireland or parts of the UK. Explore the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement – the picturesque town of Hahndorf. 

The Heritage Highway – Tasmania – 200km

lake view with mountain

This highway gets its name from the convicts who first built it back in the early 1800s. It was even once a well-known ‘hunting ground’ for highway bandits. Fortunately, they’ve all been replaced with lush Australian forests Tassie is famous for and gourmet restaurants in historic cottages. Although only a couple of hours of actual driving, you can easily spend a day exploring this Australian caravan trip.

The Nullarbor Plain – South Australia / Western Australia – 1675km

desert road

The big one (or one of them at least). Any list of Australian caravan travel destinations can’t be without the Nullarbor. You’ll need several days or more to explore this amazing stretch of coastal tarmac. 4WD capability is needed to venture too far off the highway. Be careful at dusk as there are a large number of animals from kangaroos and emus and even wild camels. ‘Nullarbor’ means ‘no trees’ in Latin but did you know the world’s largest eucalyptus hardwood forest is located here? Other superlatives include the longest line of sea cliffs and the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links – the golf course stretches 1370km! There are towns and petrol stations at intervals but make sure you plan your trip carefully.

Lasseter Highway – Northern Territory – 244km

uluru and sky

Enjoy caravan travel through quintessential Australia – red earth country, road trains and giant skies. One of the main attractions of this stretch of road is the huge looming Uluru when first sighted near Yulara. Don’t forget the multiple Aboriginal rock art sites too. Sunrise and sunset are ideal times to take it all in, just make sure you watch for wildlife – and the odd roadtrain. As with all Australian road trips, make sure to watch for wandering wildlife. 

The Grand Pacific Drive – New South Wales – 100km

bridge along coast

An easy one for Sydneysiders, this one has stunning coastal views. And yes, this is the Australian caravan travel route with a spectacular bridge drive. The famous Sea Cliff Bridge snakes its way along the coast as is the main attraction of the Grand Pacific Drive. The Stanwell Tops section provides the photo opportunities if you want to remember the bridge views. If you like fishing, you’ll be happy as there are areas perfect for it along the drive.

Dunkeld to Halls Gap – Victoria – 95km

mountain view with trees

The Grampians are among some of Australia’s premier mountain ranges. The attraction with this Australian caravan trip is the breathtaking mountainous views and heavily wooded forests. Although the actual driving isn’t too long, you can spend time at the many lookouts and waterfalls. The caravan parks in The Grampians’ main town, Halls Gap are perfect for a stop over. Unless you close your eyes, kangaroos are guaranteed along the way. 

Flinders Ranges – South Australia – 120km (north to south)

desert mountains and road

The Flinders are a spectacular outback mountain range north of Adelaide. Mix together red earth with giant Australian skies, rugged mountains and a lot of wildlife – you’ve got the Flinders. The road trip takes you through the stunning landscape where you’re bound to encounter ‘roos, emus and the odd echidna. Make sure to check out Wilpena Pound – a giant, flat raised basin that has to be seen to be believed. The basin floods in the wet season, causing stunning waterfalls.

Anzac Parade – Australian Capital Territory – 2.2km (round trip)

road leading to parliament house

Did you know that the ACT spends more on roads per capita than any other Australian state? Maybe we can thank all the diplomats. Maybe not specific Australian caravan travel, but a national icon nonetheless. Make the most of it with this short trip – the all-Australian views of Parliament House one way and the Australian War Memorial the other. The wide and immaculately maintained parade is dotted with spectacular monuments to service men and women such as the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial and the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial.

We hope this list shows that Australian caravan trips are a fantastic experience for any driver (or passenger). Make sure to explore them all with your own caravan and vehicle.


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