Caravan Interior Tips and Ideas

Date Posted: June 5, 2020

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Caravan interiors are of utmost importance, considering you’ll be spending a fair few nights in them. So where do ‘safety’, ‘style’ and ‘comfort’ meet?

We give you some caravan interior tips and ideas to make your home on the road into a ‘home on the road’.

The Basics:

Firstly, we’ll touch on some of the ‘renovation’ stuff that creative owners often do themselves. 


painting a wall

Browns, dark reds and greys are out. After removing interior items like beds and fridges, painting the interior walls is easier than you may think. Of course, you’ll need to consult an expert for paint type and application. Vinyl wrap is another quick application, no paint smells either.


shoes on wood floor

Carpet or lino flooring is usually the choice for most owners. Think about your primary use. Kids at the beach are obviously more suited to an easy-to-clean surface while ‘touring couples’ may prefer something more comfortable (and warm) on bare feet. It’s quite a big job and requires know-how and the right tools.


Creature comforts are everyone’s friend, especially when on holiday. It’s no surprise that these can vary greatly in prices. Reverse air conditioning is pretty much a must in Australia. Caravans can get real hot or real cold real quick. These should be cleaned regularly to prevent allergies while on holiday. A simple ‘refresh’ of sinks, taps, shower head and a new toaster or microwave can really make a difference.


Cushions, beds and sofas are some of the most important parts of caravan interiors. Especially when it comes to comfort. The win here is durability coupled with comfort – but it’s not so simple. Will you be enjoying Australia’s warm beaches in summer or snowy mountainous regions in winter? Or both! Fabric choice makes a huge difference in comfort and gives you that ‘nice place to be’ feeling.

Counter Tops

book of surface samples

Preparing and enjoying a nice meal in one of Australia’s stunning holiday destinations should be an attraction for all caravanners. Damaged or mouldy benchtops are a simple upgrade. Note that heavy materials like marble or granite can add considerable weight and change the dynamics of a caravan. Luckily, there are plenty of light and durable options available.

Space and Storage

Storage space obviously comes at a premium for caravan interiors. Not to mention, correct storage goes hand-in-hand with safety. That aside, one of the biggest benefits of keeping your stuff secure is peace of mind. Here are a few pointers.

Stackable storage tubs

plastic containers

These guys are great for caravan interiors. Plastic tubs that can be filled with various items and stored in your caravan’s cupboards. The ‘stackable’ part helps when they’re not in use or only carrying minimal objects. For example, keep dish washing sponges and detergent in one container, snacks in another and kids’ toys in another. Spills are far easier to clean when contained in a tub rather than the inside of your cupboard.


If you’re handy with a drill or confident with attaching hooks via adhesive, these can really help. Think hanging utensils or bags or the above mentioned tubs when parked. Hooks can provide extra room and easy access.

Magnetic strips

metal cutlery

Cutlery, utensils, hair pins, scissors, fishing gear… the list of metal items goes on. Adding magnetic strips to walls of caravan interiors is a great way to securely store metal items and easily access them. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the magnetic strength is sufficient and the items aren’t too heavy or sharp.

Here’s an excellent example of a magnetic rack suited for caravan interiors. 


This includes floors, cushions, tabletops and benches. As mentioned above, think about exactly who uses your caravan and types of activities they’ll be doing. Families with kids and dogs generally require more frequent and simple cleaning. For these travellers, vinyls and outdoor-style cushions and chairs are for more preferable. Storing wet or muddy clothes and shoes can lead to mould and expensive damage.

Tip: Adding a durable or even plastic bed protector can allow beds to double as couches. Ideal for kids on a rainy day.

A mature-aged couple on the other hand, may prefer more comfortable and luxurious caravan interiors. This is where carpets, rugs and indoor cushions and furniture should be used. These can really add to the sound deadening too. If you stay in a caravan park close to a highway for example, carpets and soft furnishings can absorb some of the road noise.


Caravan interiors and exteriors can be a challenge at night. Think of camping in a remote forest for example. This can be even more of a struggle if you arrive at an unfamiliar destination in the dark. 

Exterior lighting

As a general rule, make sure that you have sufficient and powerful lighting outside your caravan as it won’t have walls to bounce off like on the inside. Modern caravans have LED lightbars built in, however, these can be installed simply if needed.

Interior lighting

For the interior, dimmer switches are a good start. It’s not much fun being blinded if you get up in the middle of the night. Lower mounted lights are also a good idea as ceiling downlights can cast strong shadows.

Tip: Rattles and squeaks are pretty common in lights in caravan interiors. You may hear them from the car while driving or during windy nights. Simply use some blue tack or masking tape to stop the surfaces burping each other. For example, masking tape under a lamp or blue tack on window frames.

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