Caravan Holidays in Australia

Date Posted: May 28, 2020

Did you know Australian domestic travel is one of our fastest-growing industries? Think: ‘caravan holidays’. Our country has limitless destinations to explore with countless stunning landscapes and infinite memories for you and your family to make. We’re here to get you on the road to your caravan holiday now.

Here’s an appetiser to get you thinking…

table showing Australian caravan parks and details

If you’re planning your next amazing caravan memory, these resources will get you moving…

Check out these ‘Top Caravan Travel Destinations in Australia’ to see more.

Nervous about towing? Check out tips for towing caravans.

But what about the logistics of towing a caravan thousands of clicks across the Nullarbor Plain, up the coast of North Queensland and through the Snowy Mountains?

Did you know that Australia has the world’s longest national highway? Aka: The Big Lap, Australia’s Highway 1 stretches an astronomical 14,500km. It’s no surprise that our country boasts some of the world’s premier caravan holidays and road trips.

So what exactly can Australia offer? Pretty much everything…


As many foreigners are surprised to learn, Australia has significant snowfall in the winter. The Snowy Mountains (the name should give it away), Perisher in NSW, Mt Buller in Vic and parts of Tasmania all receive annual snow. There are many other locations too with lifts and ski hire. Australian mountain ranges have a lot to offer, including in summer when the ski runs turn to mountain bike and walking trails.

Surf ‘n sand

Australia is world-renowned for its coastline. From the rugged cliffs on the Great Ocean Road and along the Nullarbor Plain to the tropical paradises in Qld and the NT, make sure to see some of Australia’s massive coast. If you like fishing, surfing or any form of watersport, most hotspots are a short road trip away.

More sand

The Outback attracts huge numbers of visitors each year. We can see why. Those enormous Australian skies with no light pollution at night provide spectacular starry nights. The red center along with Uluru and the famous road trains make for ‘bucket-list’ road trips.


Each Australian capital city loves to think of themselves as a premier tourist destination. It’s no wonder why – think of Sydney’s stunning harbour views, Melbourne’s world-famous cafes and restaurants, Adelaide’s picturesque churches and Perth’s Swan River meeting sandy beaches.

Why get into a caravan for your next holiday?

1: Drivability

Towing a caravan is much easier now compared to the ‘old days’. Most modern caravans have reversing cameras and simple towbars designed to make connections fast and secure. If you’re still unsure if a caravan is easy to tow, you should know that Australia passed the 600,000 registered caravan milestone back in 2018! Demand is growing.

2: Comfort

Advertisers love the saying ‘from the comfort of your own home’. This the ultimate brag of caravans. Having your personal bed, kitchen, toilet and shower with you while exploring Australia appeals to everyone. Did you know caravans have easy-to-clean surfaces, fold-out beds and all the kitchen appliances, like fridges, stoves and microwaves of any modern home? Not to mention the lounge areas and outdoor settings too.

3: Accommodation

The average cost of a hotel in central NSW (not Sydney) is around $144 per night. A caravan park is around $43 per night for a powered site. Note that caravan parks, such as the famous Big4 Caravan Parks are in every town and city in Australia. All safe, secure, loaded with pools and other facilities and full of other travellers just like you. As the grey nomads love to tell us – you meet some of the best people when caravanning.


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