Best Caravans for Aussie holidays

Date Posted: June 10, 2020

Family on beach in waves

The best caravans really are – or at least can be – a home away from home. We take a peak at three moderately priced, mobile holiday homes. Explore our amazing country with these caravans suited to different holidays.

New Age Manta Ray

New Age has always been a top player in the best caravans. The Manta Ray range has several lengths and variants to select from. The one we’re looking at is the 18ft Ensuite Rear Entry. Modern interior materials add to the comfort but expect to find some common plastics. The solid hot-dip galvanized chassis adds to the overall build quality.

Standout Features: 150W solar panel, 3-way fridge, Gas/electric hot water system, Cooktop – gas mini grill and A/C. Reverse camera is available as a paid extra.

Height: 2950mm, including A/C

Weight: 2200kg

For: a couple who like their comfort. 

Price Ballpark: a used 2017 model – around $50,000 / New around $80,000.

Jayco Expanda

With years of refinement due to its long history, Jayco continues to be an industry leader. The Expanda is a robust caravan – easy to clean interior surfaces, optimal storage bins and newer models being hail and dent resistant. Family holidays and focusing on the simpler things in life is what the Expanda is designed for. One of the best caravans for kids, fishing, watersports, mud – and fun.

Standout Features: 160W solar panel, fold up bunk, slide out drawers, A/C, locking external storage, extra slide out bedding. Optional reverse camera.

Height: 3040mm

Weight: 2625kg

For: travel loving families.

Price Ballpark: a used 2017 model: around $45,000 / New: around $70,000.

Offroad RV Sniper X.9

Tough and off-road ready – hence the name, this ‘box’ of ‘pod’ style caravan is designed for holiday makers who don’t want to stick to caravan parks. Most notable are the off-road tyres and suspension setup, tough locking storage bins, mesh stone chip protection guards and all-round durable build. One of the best caravans for those who go off the beaten (or even slightly worn) track.

Standout features: off-road readiness, outdoor shower with privacy curtain, lithium batteries, 200W solar panel, 140 litres of fresh water storage.

Height: 1850mm

Weight: 850kg

For: hardcore campers, outdoors loving couples.

Price Ballpark: New: $45,000

Exploring Australia has never made so much sense with these caravans – see what our backyard has to offer.

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