Utes and SUVs – Towing Vehicles

Date Posted: June 3, 2020

Towing vehicles need to be tough. Towing a caravan (or any trailer) requires some sure-footed pulling power upfront. With Australian domestic travel proving itself to be an industry with serious momentum, we’re here to make sure your caravan has the same.

Solid kerb weight, high torque and low stress coupled with passenger comfort and tough towing capability are the key ingredients to get you on the road to our county’s top destinations.

We’ve done the hard work for you and listed the best UTEs and SUVs built for towing.

table showing utes and suvs prices and towing stats

Need some more info? We’ve got you covered. Check out 2020’s Best SUVs for Towing a Caravan.

Ute’s can really be another top towing choice. From workhorse to weekend warrior, The Top 10 Utes for Tradies prove their ability.

So why join the herd?

Getting into a towing vehicle like the tough towers listed above can really expand your horizons.

Did you know…
– In 2017, SUVs outsold traditional passenger cars for the first time?
– In 2018, SUVs made up a whopping 43% of ALL new cars sales in Australia. That includes hatchbacks, sports cars and sedans too.
– Medium SUVs remain the most popular new car choice for Australian in 2020

It’s a tough call to make when you have so many great options to choose from. We can help you narrow them down a bit by deciding which type of vehicle, UTE or SUV, suits your lifestyle.

Benefits of an SUV

Practicality: Typically mid to large size, SUVs main selling point is their uses. Perfect for families, dogs and luggage, their roomy interiors really make for a comfortable trip whether around town or long distance. Coupled with off-road ability, you’ll be exploring Australia and all its hidden beauty in no time – comfortably.

Fuel Efficiency: Modern SUVs are really waking up to the market’s demand for big practicality with small-car fuel consumption. This is extra evident in the emerging crossover SUVs – basically a child of traditional SUVs and family sedans. The Honda CR-V and Kia Sorento are good examples. These guys really deliver on the ‘best of both worlds’ with SUV practicality but no high fuel costs.

Towing Capability: SUVs hit it out of the park with towing capability. Most versions can safely tow a full 3500kg – bear in mind, the average caravan weighs about 1300kg. Even the powerful large SUVs are becoming more and more fuel-efficient, especially with features like hybrid options and the ability to go from six to four cylinders for example.

Benefits of a ute:

Tax: Utes are highly tax-deductible. If you buy a ute under a company or even as a sole trader, there are huge tax advantages. Remember that there are rules regarding personal use so make sure you do a little research. This can really back up the workhorse – weekend warrior nature of utes.

Resale Value: As utes are massively popular as personal and work vehicles, their versatility allows them to hold value. Dual cabs, for example, appeal to family and trade buyers. Depreciation, the decline in value of a vehicle, adds to this with utes. Utes depreciate slowly compared to other vehicles. This is primarily due to businesses selling off examples around the 4-year old mark, keeping the market packed with quality utes.

Towing Capability: As the above table shows, most utes equal the towing capacity of their SUV ‘cousins’. Even the budget option like the super-popular Isuzu D-Max can comfortably tow up to 3500kg – equal to a large SUV. Add this to increasing passenger comfort with modern interiors and a rear tray – you’ve got yourself a tough all-rounder.

Whatever vehicle you choose, make sure it’s got the power to haul your caravan to your favourite caravan park with ease.


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