How to Prepare for a Road Trip

Date Posted: June 11, 2020

people enjoying a road trip

Planning a road trip? Car trouble on remote highways in unfamiliar locations can be scary. Supplies, route, fuel and above all – car safety and reliability. There can be concern behind the excitement. Knowing how to prepare for a road trip in Australia can really help.

Avoid problems by checking out these preparation tips designed to make your journey as safe, fun and worry-free as possible. 

1: Service the Car

Man working on engine

A simple service can save huge headaches on the road. Imagine snapping a fan belt, even worse, on a remote highway. A check over by a qualified mechanic within a few weeks before you go really adds to that peace-of-mind driving experience and lets you focus on enjoying your trip. 

2: Clean the Car

washing a car

An obvious one that really makes a difference. Travelling for several hours or more with dirty windows, lights and interiors can make a car ‘not the place to be’. Additionally, a clean, shiny car is more noticeable on the road for other drivers, increasing safety. Give your vehicle a thorough wash inside and out before you go. Take some extra cleaning products to use along the way.

3: Bugs

car windscreen dirty

You’ll no doubt collect a few extra passengers on the front of your car. Prepare for a road trip by attaching wire mesh to the front of your vehicle. These are available from most auto stores like Autobahn and they are easy to attach. This will prevent bugs from getting stuck in radiators hard-to-reach areas in the front of your vehicle. Make sure not to cover lights or block too much airflow, especially in hot weather. Additionally, take some rags and bug cleaner for the windscreen.

4: Book Ahead

booking on a mobile phone

This may seem obvious but many people forget or try to find accommodation by ‘walking in’. Note that almost all accommodations are cheaper online and when booked ahead. Caravan parks offer cabins, powered sites and camping areas. Make sure to check out some of the latest prices and locations around Australia. Additionally, plan driving times and distances to coincide with meal stops. It’s much nicer to stop for lunch in a picturesque setting rather than the side of a highway. 

5: Plan Ahead

woman with idea lightbulb

Arriving at an unfamiliar destination, especially at night, can be daunting and confusing. Make sure to check out your accommodation before you arrive, rather than simply allowing Google Maps to guide you there. For example, knowing the location of the office at a caravan park and where to find parking locations and doors can be tough in the dark. A simple phone call ahead or search online can solve a lot of hassle.

6: Time and Weather

road and traffic in rain

Driving in cool, clear weather can make a road trip more enjoyable. Make sure (if possible) to choose the correct time of year to suit your destination. Many highways in Australia are subject to flooding and extreme heat and even snow, ice and fog. Timing your drive times also helps avoid driving and arriving at unfamiliar places at night, allowing you to enjoy the trip without concern. Here are some top caravan travel destinations to get the ball (and caravan) rolling.

7: Extras

kids crayons

  • Water (and other drinks): Remember there are some pretty remote areas of highway so always take extra drinking water. Grab a few drinking straws – taking sips can be difficult on the road, straws significantly reduce spills.
  • Snacks: As your parents probably told you – the healthier, the better. Remember, Australian highways have rest stops spaced out along highways. Some are pretty basic, some have toilets, picnic areas and BBQs. Always bring something to snack on – as the signs say: Stop, Revive, Survive.
  • Wiper fluid: Top up the reservoir in the engine bay for the windscreen washer fluid. It’s no surprise that Australian roads throw dust and bugs at cars, don’t get caught out.
  • Entertainment: More so for families and passengers. Long road trips can drag on at times. Simply pack some activities or games that are safe for road travel and have the ability to be used in a car. 

Knowing how to prepare for a road trip properly will allow you to enjoy the scenery passing by without concern. Need some tips for towing caravans? We’ve got you covered.
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