Caravan Towing Rigs: We List Some of the Best

Date Posted: June 16, 2020

SUV in outback

Heading uphill, cruising the coast or bashing through the bush – caravan towing vehicles have a tall order. The prerequisites: power, comfort, durability, fuel economy and cost.

We list some of the best vehicles for towing a caravan in Australia.

Towing Capacity, Fuel Economy, Prices, Reviews – Find it all out here.


Jeep Cherokee

jeep cherokee

Towing Capacity: 3500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 10.0 / 100km

Prices From: $47,500

Review: The 2020 Cherokee is a serious contender for caravan towing with improved off-road capability. The petrol V6 delivers an impressive 200kw but gets a little thirsty, especially when towing uphill or with a headwind – noticeable on long stretches. The Cherokee has a shorter distance from rear axle to tow-ball, making it sturdy with a caravan entow. Combine that with the off-road features and you’ve got a pretty serious caravan towing vehicle. Like many towing vehicles in its class; ideal for towing one day, unhitching the ‘van to go exploring creek beds the next. 

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series GXL


Towing Capacity: 3500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 12.7L / 100km (when towing)

Prices From: $80,190

Review: Toyota’s massive towing rig comes with a twin-turbo V8 diesel – enough power to raise the titanic. No doubt, the fuel economy is not a bragging point for owners, but the comfort, build quality and reliability are. The 200 Series delivers premium ride quality on par with luxury SUV models that are equal to and higher than its price range. Having said that, the LandCruiser is moving closer to the luxury SUV market. The tech and driver assist systems are up to date with 2020’s latest too. 


bmw x7

Towing Capacity: 3500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 7.3 / 100km

Prices From: $128,900

Review: BMW’s huge full-sized X7 has always been a top luxury tower. Note that the M50i model is powered by a beastly twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 and the entry-level gets a still-impressive 3.0-litre straight-6 turbo. 

The interior is a place you want to be. Five-zone climate control across three roomy rows of seats upholstered in high quality materials with power everything and modern infotainment. 20-inch wheels, air suspension and a panoramic glass sunroof add to the ‘super-luxe’ feel.

Ford Ranger XL

ford ranger

Towing Capacity: 3500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 8.9 / 100km

Prices From: $44,990

Review: The blue oval bush basher. The popular Ranger has been a benchmark when it comes to value, power, durability and towing capacity. Designed and developed (but not manufactured) in Australia, the long wheelbase provides a solid, stable tow rig. In fact most XL variants come with trailer sway control and a host of other impressive driver assist features. The three engine choices make it a favourite too – most powerful is 157kw 2.0-litre bi-turbo.

Land Rover Discovery


Towing Capacity: 3500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 7.7 / 100km

Prices From: $73,221 / SDV6 HSE increases to $112,049

Review: A premium favourite for generations of SUV-lovers, the ‘Disco’ comes up trumps again. Priced and built to match BMW’s X7 in luxury and features, the Discovery comes with 20-inch alloys, 14-speaker stereo, 360-degree camera and numerous other gadgets – to be expected at this price point. The auto-leveling air suspension makes it great off road and especially on poorly-maintained unsealed roads. The modern, aggressive front grille has proven a big hit from all angles (or view and opinion).

Isuzu D-Max


Towing Capacity: 2500kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 8.1 / 100km

Prices From: $43,400 (4×4 model)

Review: If you asked the Aussie Outback to come up with a perfect towing vehicle, then commissioned a team of engineers to cut costs, they’d probably come up with the D-Max. Interior materials are on the low (cheap) end with hard plastics and thick vinyl matching the price range. However, this is part of the D-Max’s pitch – throw in muddy boots, fishing gear, dogs and tools without worrying. Can’t say the same in the luxury SUV options.

Hyundai Tucson Elite


Towing Capacity: 1600kg (braked)

Fuel Economy: 7.1 / 100km

Prices From: $38,200

Review: Aimed at more of a suburban-Monday-to-Friday, weekend-warrior kind of crowd, the Tucson is still a top towing vehicle. Note that the most powerful engine option is a 136kw diesel which some make view is low-powered for some caravan trips in Australia. The 8-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto keeps passengers happy. Blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control add to the 5-star ANCAP rating too.


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