Best Gifts for People who Love Cars

Date Posted: June 23, 2020

woman hugging car

Choosing gifts for car lovers: a kid in a candy store or a needle in a haystack? The huge range of choices and specific sizes, styles and types of car accessories can be overwhelming. You may have found yourself ‘umming and ahhing’ between the aisles of Supercheap Auto for hours. 

Check out these perfect gifts for car lovers and you’ll find that gem for a birthday or Christmas morning.

Car wash kit

soapy car wheels

Prices From: $20

What it’s For: Cleaning exterior and interior.

Available From: All auto accessory retailers.

About: A car wash kit is a classic gift. Supercheap Auto and Autobahn have some pretty cheap and simple options. The more expensive kits can include buffers and high pressure hose systems. Consider if the vehicle in mind requires some paint restoration and scratch fixes. Clay barring is something that requires some serious elbow grease and often gets overlooked. Clay barring a car means using soapy water and rubbing a bar of clay over the paint. This will remove sharp or embedded dust that washing can’t get to.

Oil Pan & Funnel

woman changing oil

Prices From: $12

What it’s For: Draining oil and filling oil.

Available From: All auto accessory retailers.

About: Perfect gifts for car lovers who are happy to get their hands dirty. The oil pan is placed under a car’s oil sump in order to catch draining oil. Spills can be really nasty on a clean garage floor. The funnel will allow for topping up or refilling the oil from inside the engine bay. Pouring oil directly from a container into an engine is extremely difficult and spills result in smoke or strong smells if on hot parts. The funnel solves that problem.

1 Year of Roadside Assistance

man changing tyre

Prices From: $100 (depending on state and company)

What it’s For: Roadside repairs if a breakdown occurs

Available From: The RAC, RAA, NRMA, ect. 

About: Regardless of someone’s mechanical skills, repairs in the dark or rain or on the side of a highway can be tough. The RAA in South Australia or the NRMA in NSW offer easy solutions to get drivers back on the road in the event of a breakdown or car trouble. Although rare in a new car, it can still be valuable peace of mind. 


wallet in back pocket

Prices From: Dependant on cylinders, vehicle and state.

What it’s For: Registration for vehicles to drive on public roads.

Available From: State Government services.

About: A bit boring when it comes to gifts for car lovers. However, those annoying registration bills can be a downer for any car owner so paying for someone’s rego as a gift can really make a difference. It’ll offer some relief too, especially if it’s due shortly after purchasing a vehicle. Prices vary from vehicle and state so do a little homework.

Rims (Mag Wheels)

porsche with dish rims

Prices From: $650 (4 without tyres)

What it’s For: Appearance and to larger tyres.

Available From: Wheel and tyre retailers

About: A more expensive option but a popular one. Upgrading wheels from the standard factory (stock) ones has been a favourite and often the first modification for years. Ranges are huge so it’s best to have an idea of what the driver prefers and what style matches the vehicle. Note that stud (wheel bolt) patterns vary per make and model and extremely wide rims may look good but require guard rolling to avoid scraping on the body of a car.

Roof Racks

car with roof racks loaded

Prices From: $70

What it’s For: Attaching and transporting things on the roof of a vehicle.

Available From: Supercheap Auto, Rhinorack.

About: One of the best gifts for car lovers who enjoy cycling or have vehicles designed for off-roading. Utes and SUVs for example. Roof-rack sizes are dependent on vehicles as they attach in specific locations. Make sure to think about the weight of items the driver is intending to carry as there are limits.

Socket Set

red socket set

Prices From: $30 for a basic set.

What it’s For: Tightening and loosening nuts, hose clamps, etc.

Available From: Hardware stores and auto accessory retailers.

About: Perfect for working on cars. Most would consider a socket set mandatory for any backyard mechanic. These versatile tools have interchangeable size fittings and some come with handle extensions for more leverage. Larger sets have screw driver fittings too and can be used around the house as well as on a car. Note that quality ranges considerably by price.

Gift Cards

computers exchanging cards and gifts

Prices From: $20

What it’s For: Selecting your own gift

Available From: Major auto accessory retailers.

About: If that browsing and choosing time eats up too much of your day, a gift card can be perfect. Car lovers will be able to use the for multiple items suited to their car and specific needs. For example an oil change, they’ll need the correct oil, oil filter and usually a sump plug gasket too. Gift cards make a lot of sense for car lovers as you’ll give them the chance to browse the aisles. Most retailers offer physical gift cards as well as online options. 

End of the Day

Gifts for car lovers don’t have to be super expensive or difficult to choose. Sometimes, getting on the road and exploring Australia can be the best thing for a car lover to do. Caravan accessories might be a better option for someone who loves caravanning.


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