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Calculate and compare personal loans

With our handy personal loan repayment calculator, we make it easy for you to figure out what kind of loan is right for your needs. Compare personal loans from lenders around the country to find the loan that suits you best.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a line of credit that can be used for a number of different things, including:

  • Purchasing large items such as a washing machine or a refrigerator
  • Covering unexpected medical expenses
  • Paying for big expenses like a wedding or a holiday

Personal loans are paid back at an agreed-upon rate over a specified period of time. Loans can differ between lenders, so it’s important to do your research to find the right loan.

How to find the best personal loan

It’s important to shop around to find the best loan for your exact needs. Think about what you need from a loan and what is most important to you. Would you prefer to pay the loan off faster, or do you want smaller repayment amounts? What are you going to use the loan for? How much can you realistically afford to borrow?

Anyone can use our personal loan repayment calculator Australia wide for a fast and easy loan appraisal. Plus, we’ll compare personal loans from lenders around the country to show you all of your personal loan options to find the right loan for you.

Use our personal loan interest calculator today

Get your personal loan application process started today by utilising the best personal loan interest calculator Australia wide. Once you are happy with your quote and you’ve compared your personal loans options, there are a few final things you should do before talking to a broker:

  • Prepare your documents. A lender will want to see things like personal identification, proof of income, bank statements, and more. To streamline the process, it’s a good idea to get these documents together before your meeting. Contact your lender if you want to know exactly what you’ll need to bring.
  • Be upfront with your lender. Be honest with your lender about what you intend to use the loan for. Being transparent will make you more likely to be approved for your loan.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. Work out how much you need to borrow and decide whether that’s realistic for you to pay back – then ask for exactly that amount. Asking for less than you need will cause stress in the long run and asking for more may mean you can’t keep up with the repayments.

Ready to get started? Calculate your loan now and use our handy comparison tool to find the best personal loan before you apply.

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Calculate Repayments

With a loan calculator you can work out what your repayments may be, how they can change with interest rates and how much you can borrow based on a weekly, monthly payment. Be armed for when you speak to your lender!

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Compare Loans

When ready, you will be able to compare loans to help you decide which is better suited to your needs! Assess what terms and figures will better help your situation and be fully prepared when you speak to your broker.